“Water,” My Body, My Words, an anthology edited by Loren Kleinman and Amye Archer, upcoming


Featured artist, Reservoir Literary Journal, Fall issue, four images from The Dollhouse, upcoming

  • Do you still have your virginity, or just the box it came in?
  • Jesus likes to watch
  • Mothers Day dinner with Mike Pence
  • Well, of course he wanted to come twice!

Talking Points,” The Coachella Review, Summer 2017

  • nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“Play, Write, Resist,” COLLECTIVE CHARM Show, The Arts Center of the Capital Region, Sept. 1 through 30

The Dollhouse,” a weekly column, ROARfeminist.org

“Does this Tiara Make the Patriarchy Look Fat?” FENCE Select Show, juror Michael Oatman, The Arts Center of the Capital Region, August 1 through Sept. 1

“Trick and Treat,” and “Does this Tiara Make the Patriarchy Look Fat?” FENCE Show, The Arts Center of the Capital Region, July 1 through August 1

Fellow, The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Feb./March

One of 12 artists selected for the NYFA/NYSCA Artist Entrepreneurship program, “Nuts, Bolts & Beyond,” November 2016-May 2017

Child’s Play: How Creative Play Helped Unlock My Nonfiction Writing,” Cleaver Magazine, February


“Find Me Here,” The Dandelion Review

“Learning to Mother Myself,” The Manifest Station, November

“Kaizen: A Management Seminar,” Beyond, October

“Mini Utopias,” Saltonstall Foundation, August

Fellow, Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, August

“Sin Will Find You Out,” Catapult, March 1

“That’s Not How I Remember it: Creative Nonfiction and the Art of Dealing with Doubters,” The Review Review


Books We Can’t Quit: Autobiography of a Face, by Lucy Grealy, PANK, December

“Does this Tiara Make the Patriarchy Look Fat?” The Tishman Review, November

“Animals as Aperture: How Three Essayists Use Animals to Convey Meaning and Emotion,” Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies, September

“Consider the Lilies,” serialized in The Lost Daughters, September

“The Dollhouse,” a photo essay, Revolution John Magazine, June 27 (no longer active)

AWP Guest blogger, “AWP@2015: Alternative Fuel Sources-The Non-Narrative EssayIn Present Tense: Assay’s blog: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies, April 11

O’ Father Where Art Thou?Revolution John Magazine, March, 19 (no longer active)

“Consider the Lilies” Literary Orphans, February 11

Deciding Whether or Not to Kill the Chicken & Ugly, Harmless Creatures Danse Macabre, issue 82

“The Calf,” The Notebook: A Progressive Journal for Women & Girls with Rural & Small Town Roots, Vol 1, Issue 1, July

“What to Expect When You Least Expect It,” Drafthorse: August 24

“If Wishes Were Horses,” TueNight.com, November 18
“If the Spirit Moves,” TueNight.com, November 4

“Puppet Tragedy” Hotel Amerika, Vol. 11, Number 1


“Mother’s Day,” 51% The Women’s Perspective, WAMC-NPR (90.3 FM)


“Sooner or Later Everybody Leaves,” Rosebud, Vol. 1, Issue 2

Guest Editor


“The Notebook: A Journal for Rural Women and Girls,” The Home issue, Volume #2, April 22



“Listening to Women is a Form of Political Action” Review of The Bindercast, Entropy Magazine, May 6

“Books We Can’t Quite: Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy,” PANK, December 2

“The Common Ground of the Universe, A Review of ‘A Solemn Pleasure’ by Melissa Pritchard, Atticus Review, October 4

“Protagonist, Antagonist, Sympathizer, Spy, Review of ‘The Sympathizer,’ ” by Viet Thanh Nguyen, Consequence Magazine, June 17


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