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Power, Patriarchy, and Playing with Dolls

The Dollhouse has been called many things – dark, creepy, weird, awesome. I’ve had my images scrubbed from Facebook for “offensive content” (whatever that means, I mean we’re talking women and babies!) I wear this as a badge of honor. The images have recently taken a dystopian turn thanks to this political administration.

Play is a means of escape and a form of communication. Is it any wonder therapists use play with children to draw out their trauma narratives? As women, we are mining a collective trauma that’s playing out politically. It’s little wonder then, that these highly sexualized dolls with their vacant Stepford Wives stares, and the hard plastic babies with painted clothes scratched off from years of play, are frozen in time. Isn’t that how we feel too? We’ve fought long and hard for our rights, our bodies, and our lives. We won’t turn back time.

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